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Professor pushes for free online classes

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Religious Fanaticism – Apple Users [Infographic???]

I love infographics, I studied religion for years, and I own more apple products than I care to admit… so this made me giggle.

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Which schools are the most “social”? [Infographic]

Source: Top Colleges Online

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Young Professionals & Risky Tech Behavior [Infographic]


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Rise of Coding: Why We Should All Learn a Little Code [Infographic]

Makes me want to log back into Codeacademy! Check out the following infographic from

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Great Deal on a Domain Name & Hosting for Academics Developing a Web Presence

I am interested in how technology changes the way we communicate and the way we live! I have written some recently about the importance of developing an intentional web presence. Lowenthal, P. R., & Dunlap, J. C. (2012, July/August). Intentional

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Polling Software

I became interested in polling software when I started ranting about the problems with the typical use of PowerPoint and poor decisions made by presenters. [For more on this see: “Situational Qualities Exhibited by Exceptional Presenters,” “Improving the Design of

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Call for Chapters — The International Handbook of E-learning

Significant development in E-learning over the past decade has tremendous implications for educational and training practices in the information society. With the advent of the Internet and online learning methodologies and technologies, meaningful E-learning has increasingly become more and more

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Dive into Blended Learning!

Dive into Blended Learning! The University of Central Florida (UCF) announces the second offering of its popular MOOC (massive open online course) for blended learning faculty and designers: BlendKit2012. Based around the open-licensed BlendKit Course instructional materials contained within the

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Free HTML5 and CSS Tutorials

Here are a list of HTML5 and CSS tutorials for absolute beginners. You can view the entire list here. Or check out the most viewed videos: Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page – 02 Series Introduction – 01 Styling Your First HTML5

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