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Presentation 3.0 ??? Storytelling 3.0 ???

I have been interested in instructional communication and how academics present for some time. My interest began a number of years ago with my love for storytelling and hate for PowerPoint (or should I say the poor use of PowerPoint).
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I recently came across this video by Hans Rosling. I love his use of technology to tell this story. I was struck by his use of story, inflection, technology… to name a few things. I kept thinking about how this builds on what “weather men” have been doing for years but of course it does so much more.

So is this a new form of presenting? Is this a new form of storytelling? Not necessarily. And it certainly isn’t realistic (at least today) for the common person to tell stories like this. But it is certainly worth a look and serves as some inspiration to do more with technology, storytelling, and presenting!!!

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A Picture isn’t always worth a 1,000 words but Infographics often Rock!

A picture isn’t always worth a 1,000 words but I am a big fan of infographics.
As a result, I have people sending me new one’s every week or so.
I don’t post them all and I realize there are problems with many of them (see this article) but that doesn’t change my love for them.
Check this one out:

And then compare it to this to get an idea of how these are made step-by-step