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Examples of instructional / educational websites

I have worked with some amazing people over the years. One of them is Lisa O’Reilly. Below are some examples of the work she has done which are great examples of instructional websites and specifically self-paced training.

You can check out her work at:

Below are two examples of her work.

Learning Contracts
Colorado Patient Navigator Training Program

Assessment & Instructional Alignment
Screen Shot of Assessment and Instructional Alignment

Presence in E-learning : Theoretical Model and Perspectives for Research

From my inbox:
I recently came across the following article on presence written by Annie Jézégou titled: Presence in E-learning : Theoretical Model and Perspectives for Research.

This article proposes a model of presence in e-learning that has some similarities with but also some important distinctions from the model of community of inquiry in e-learning (Garrison & Anderson, 2003). It addresses the notion of presence from a different angle, characterizes and specifies it differently. The author outlines the epistemological referents of the model proposed. Then, she describes the interaction processes at work in each of the three dimensions of the model: socio-cognitive presence (1), socio-affective presence (2) and pedagogical presence (3). She also provides a schematic representation of this model. Then, she shows how its three dimensions can be related to each another and presents the main hypotheses that result from these relations. In conclusion, the author outlines that theoretical and empirical research is needed to confirm the relevance of the model proposed, to identify its strengths and to suggest axes for improvement.

Access the article online: