Interviews of Instructional Design and Technology Professionals

Check out these interviews of instructional design and technology professionals done by Dr. Tim Green.

Listing of Interview Episodes & Upcoming Interviews

Episode 1: Abbie Brown – Visual Design
Episode 2: Pratima Dutta – Student-Centered Design of Online Instruction
Episode 3: Patrick Lowenthal – Social Presence
Episode 4: Florence Martin – Mobile Learning
Episode 5: Jake Enfield – Game-based Learning
Episode 6: Tony Betrus – Game-based Learning
Episode 7: Loretta Donovan – Change Theory & Innovation Adoption
Episode 8: Abbie Brown – 3D Printing
Episode 9: Ken Luterbach – App Development
Episode 10: Bill Green – Dissertation Research

Upcoming Interviews:
Chuck Hodges
Julie Reinhart
Herb Fiester
Marshall Jones

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