Call for Chapters: Human-Computer Interaction and Technology Integration in Modern Society

The human condition is affected by numerous factors in the modern society. At this modern time, technology is so integrated into culture and life that it has become necessary to perform even daily functions.

Human-Computer Interaction and Technology Integration in Modern Society is an authoritative reference source for the latest scholarly research on the widespread integration of technological innovations around the globe and examines how human-computer interaction affects various aspects of people’s lives. Featuring emergent research from theoretical perspectives and case studies, this book is ideally designed for professionals, students, practitioners, and academicians.

*Topics Covered*

– ICTs and citizen participation
– ICTs and commerce
– ICTs and culture
– ICTs and education
– ICTs and ethics
– ICTs and gender equality
– ICTs and governance
– ICTs and health
– ICTs and human empowerment
– ICTs and human rights
– ICTs and international cooperation
– ICTs and political development
– ICTs and poverty alleviation
– ICTs and rural development
– ICTs and social change
– ICTs and social media
– ICTs and social networks
– ICTs and socio-economic development
– ICTs and the environment
– ICTs and urban development
– Knowledge for human development
– Policy making with regard to ICTs for development

Please submit your full book chapter by December 30, 2019 for the review process. You may limit the word count to 10000 words for a full book chapter. The book will be published by the IGI Global, USA ( .