Special issue on Online/Remote/Distance Supervision

Special issue on Online/Remote/Distance Supervision

Special issue editors: Swapna Kumar, University of Florida, USA Gina Wisker, University of Bath, UK 

The main focus of this special issue is experiences, practices, and challenges of online/remote/distance supervision in doctoral programs and professional educational development for online/remote/distance supervisors. Supervisors and students have needed to suddenly engage in research supervision at a distance during COVID-19, adapting their earlier practices and collaborating on research projects in the online environment. At the same time, there are several doctoral programs that have previously included online components, or been offered completely online, and supervisors have also worked with doctoral candidates at a distance in the past. We invite contributions that focus on supervisor, student, staff, or institutional experiences with online/remote/distance supervision. We use the term online/remote/distance supervision to encompass virtual, remote, or distance supervision of research in doctoral contexts. 

Contributions that are data-driven and use quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methodologies, as well as experiential and reflective work grounded in research are welcome. Possible topics could include: 

  • Practices and strategies in online/remote/distance supervision 
  • Challenges and affordance in online/remote/distance supervision 
  • Relationship-building during online/remote/distance supervision 
  • Teaching and learning and research skills during online/remote/distance supervision 
  • Student well-being and support 
  • Supervisor well-being and support 
  • Professional educational development for supervisors on online/remote/distance supervision 
  • Writing and research feedback in online/remote/distance supervision 
  • Co-supervising online/remotely 
  • Learning environments and technologies in online/remote/distance supervision 
  • Dealing with change when transitioning to online/remote/distance supervision 
  • Cohorts and community in online/remote/distance supervision 
  • Addressing diversity when supervising online/remotely 

Proposals on related topics are also welcome. 

Dates and deadlines:
Abstracts (about 250 words) for articles should be sent to both Swapna Kumar (swapnak@ufl.edu) and Gina Wisker (gw647@bath.ac.uk) by October 1, 2020
Complete articles will be due by February 1, 2021 (to be submitted online directly to the Innovations in Education and Teaching International Taylor and Francis Scholarone journal system, for review)