About Me

Patrick LowenthalHi, my name is Patrick Lowenthal. I’m an Associate Professor of Educational Technology at Boise State University. Prior to joining the faculty full time in 2013, I spent two years as an Instructional Designer in the EdTech Department at Boise State University. Before moving to Boise, I worked at CU Online–at the University of Colorado, Denver–where I supported faculty who taught online. I also taught online as an adjunct in the MA in eLearning program, at the University of Colorado Denver, for a number of years.  I earned my MA in Instructional Design and Technology and a graduate certificate in designing and implementing online learning environments at the University of Colorado, Denver. Years ago, in what seems like another life, I completed a MA in the Academic Study of Religion and a BA in Religions Studies and Philosophy.

My research interests generally focus on instructional communication. More specifically, I am interested how people communicate using emerging technologies—with a specific focus on issues of presence, identity, and community online. I also write about issues and problems of practice related to post-secondary education, which is sometimes related to instructional communication (e.g., my work on presenting and PowerPoint, storytelling, and digital stories) and others times not (e.g., my work on ePortfolios, assessment, educational reform, the field and practice of instructional design and technology). I live in Boise Idaho with my beautiful wife Alison and our two wonderful girls, Jordan and Ashlyn.

I am available to give presentations and workshops. Contact me for details.

During the past few years, I have given or led the following presentations or workshops:

  • “Revisiting Presence and Community in the Online Classroom”
  • “Quality in Online Courses”
  • “Moving Beyond Two Posts a Week and Three Replies: Thinking Differently About Threaded Discussions. Center for Teaching and Learning”
  • “Getting Graphic About Infographics: Strategies for Incorporating Visuals in the Classroom”
  • “Building Online Community”
  • “Presence & engagement in online learning environments’
  • “Improving student retention in online courses”