Online Learning: Common Misconceptions, Benefits and Challenges

Lowenthal, P. R., York, C. S., & Richardson, J. C. (Eds.). (2014). Online Learning: Common Misconceptions, Benefits and Challenges. Nova Science Publishers.

Table of Contents

Introduction pp,vii-x

Chapter 1: Supporting instructors in Online Learning Environments: Addressing the Challenges
(Kelley Regan, Anya S. Evmenova, Pamela Baker, George Mason University, Virginia, US)pp,1-16

Chapter 2: Student Readiness for Online Learning: The Role of Social, Emotional and Technical Competencies
(Taeho Yu, Purdue University, Indiana, US) pp,17-32

Chapter 3: Blended Online Learning: Benefits, Challenges and Misconceptions
(Peter J. Fadde, Phu Vu, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois, US)pp,33-48

Chapter 4: A Flipped Classroom Approach: Benefits and Challenges of Flipping the Learning of Procedural Knowledge
(Angie Hodge, Betty Love, Neal Grandgenett, Andrew Swift, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Nebraska, US) pp,49-60

Chapter 5: Overcoming Challenges during the Development of a Massive Open Online Course
(Devrim Ozdemir, George Mason University, Virginia, US)pp,61-72

Chapter 6: Rules of Engagement: Setting the Stage for Online Learning Communities
(Janice W. Butler, Marie Evans, University of Texas at Brownsville, Texas, US) pp,73-88

Chapter 7: Are We There Yet? e-Textbooks and Online Learning
(William Douglas Woody David B. Daniel, University of Northern Colorado, Colorado, US)pp,89-98

Chapter 8: Learning Out Loud: Increasing Voluntary Voice Comments in Online Classes
(Michelle Pacansky-Brock, Mt. San Jacinto College, California, US)pp,99-114

Chapter 9: Research and Dissertations: Challenges Overcome by Online Doctoral Students
(Swapna Kumar, Melissa Johnson, University of Florida, Florida, US)pp,115-124

Chapter 10: Online Learning in Primary Schools
(Damian Maher, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia)pp,125-136

Chapter 11: Are Online Assessments Measuring Student Learning or Something Else?
(Gayle V. Davidson-Shivers, Rebecca M. Reese, University of South Alabama, Alabama, US)pp,137-152

Chapter 12: Benefits and Challenges of the Online Learning Strategic Planning Process
(Tonya B. Amankwatia, Center for Teaching and Learning, School of Education, Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA, USA)pp,153-166

Index pp,169-174