Strategies used to evaluate online education

Lowenthal, P. R., & Davidson-Shivers, G. V. (in press). Strategies used to evaluate online education. In M. G. Moore & W. C. Diehl (Eds.), Handbook of distance education (pp. 415 – 427 ; 4th ed.). Routledge.


Despite all of the research that has shown that there is no significant difference between student outcomes in online education and face-to-face education, online education continues to face greater scrutiny than face-to-face education. In this milieu, online educators (i.e., instructors, instructional designers, administrators) have faced increased pressure to not only evaluate but even improve online education so that it is not only as good as but ultimately even better than face-to-face education. In this chapter, we describe the various ways that online educators evaluate online education.

Keywords: Online education; online learning; evaluation; quality assurance; Quality Matters; iNACOL; Online Learning Consortium

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