Call for Chapters: Open Access Book on Instructional Design

Instructional Design: An Introduction and Student Guide

Call for Chapters

Edited by Jason K. McDonald and Richard E. West, Brigham Young University

Initial publication: February, 2020

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Aims and Scope

The purpose of this book is to introduce students to the basic skill set and knowledge base used by practicing instructional designers, assisting them to complete a basic instructional design project with minimal assistance. We also anticipate the book will serve as a foundation and resource for students during additional experiences that contribute towards the development of their design knowledge, skills, and designerly identity.

Our target audience is first semester graduate students as well as advanced undergraduates. The context of use will be in an introductory instructional design skills course, with an instructor to support students with additional learning activities. However, we anticipate the book will be additionally useful in F2F, blended, or fully online courses. We are not targeting this book towards self-study learning experiences. Given our audience and goals, conciseness, a lack of jargon, and an emphasis on supporting instructional design practice will be valued above other considerations.

This book will be open access, and thus free to use, reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute (see Wiley, 2009), and will be distributed via

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