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Which conferences do you attend (regularly)?

Which conferences do you attend (regularly)? As I am packing to go to the American Educational Research Association (AERA), I began thinking about what conferences other “educational technologists,” “instructional technologists,” “instructional designers,” “trainers,” “instructional developers,” “elearning professionals,” and so forth

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AECT 2011 – What we can learn from student stories…

Here are the slides for the presentation Joni and I are doing on student stories. AECT 2011 – "Once upon a time…": What students stories tell us about good instruction View more presentations from Patrick Lowenthal

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Division of Distance Learning Awards

DDL Crystal Award Purpose To recognize innovative and outstanding multimedia-based distance learning courses (online, CD-ROM/DVD or video-based) and distance learning projects (single modules, lessons, workshops, something less than an entire course).   Deadline August 15th 2011 midnight MDT   Evaluation

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The Labels We Use and Why They Matter

Brent Wilson and I wrote a paper in 2008 about AECT’s redefinition of the field. It was originally supposed to be included in the definition and terminology issue of TechTrends. However, due to a mix up, it was not included in that

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