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Ten most widely read EDUCAUSE Review and EDUCAUSE Review Online articles from 2012

I must confess that I miss Educause Quarterly and the “reader” counts it provided for each article. But I was happy to see the following top 10 list sent out by Educause.

Top Ten Icon Top-Ten IT Issues, 2012
By Susan Grajek and Judith A. Pirani
Top Ten Icon Disrupting Ourselves: The Problem of Learning in Higher Education
By Randall Bass
Top Ten Icon Thirteen Ways of Looking at Libraries, Discovery, and the Catalog: Scale, Workflow, Attention
By Lorcan Dempsey
Top Ten Icon Discovering the Impact of Library Use and Student Performance
By Brian Cox and Margie Jantti
Top Ten Icon Online Educational Delivery Models: A Descriptive View
By Phil Hill
Top Ten Icon A Post-LMS World
By Louis Pugliese
Top Ten Icon An Open Letter to Students: You’re the Game Changer in Next-Generation Learning
By Mark David Milliron
Top Ten Icon “No More Excuses”: Michael M. Crow on Analytics
By Michael Crow
Top Ten Icon Technology and the Broken Higher Education Cost Model: Insights from the Delta Cost Project
By Rita Kirshstein and Jane Wellman
Top Ten Icon Challenge and Change
By George L. Mehaffy