Examining Faculty Motivation to Participate in Faculty Development


Lowenthal, P. R., Wray, M. L., Bates, B., Switzer, T., & Stevens, E. (2013). Examining faculty motivation to participate in faculty development. International Journal of University Teaching and Faculty Development, 3(3), 149-164.


In response to demands for public accountability and improved teaching and learning, institutions are recognizing the need to strengthen their faculty development programs. Central to strengthening faculty development programs is increasing faculty participation in these programs. This mixed-method study examined the motivation of full and part-time faculty to seek development, obstacles to attending, as well as preferred formats across four institutions. Results indicate that full-time faculty seek more development than part-time faculty across institutions. At some institutions, the preferred format of faculty development contributed to differences among the types of faculty. Despite efforts to offer short workshops and faculty development online, in this study full time faculty tended not to value short workshops or online activities and instead preferred such things as books, videos, or even attending retreats. The results of this study suggest that faculty developers should begin thinking differently about the types and the frequency of faculty development.

Keywords: faculty development, professional development, post-secondary teaching & learning

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