VCAST learning modules: A functions & modeling course innovation


Cavey, L. O., Libberton, J., Totorica, T., Carney, M., & Lowenthal, P. R. (2020). VCAST learning modules: A functions & modeling course innovation. In J. Goodell & S. Koc (Eds.), Preparing STEM teachers: A replication model (pp. 259-275). Information Age Publishing.


The VCAST learning modules are a direct response to calls for teacher preparation programs to improve the mathematical preparation of future secondary teachers and to provide teacher candidates experiences with anticipating the different ways that students make sense of mathematics. Using an iterative design-based approach, we developed four video-based learning modules that highlight a range of ways secondary students think about fundamental ideas related to functions and mathematical modeling. While the four modules were developed specifically for use in the UTeach Functions & Modeling course, they can also be integrated into other teacher preparation courses and professional development settings. In this chapter, we describe our design principles for module development and the content focus for each of the modules, and make suggestions for module integration into the Functions & Modeling course.

Keywords: VCAST, Video, Video Modules, Mathematics, Online learning