Intentional Web Presence: 10 SEO Strategies Every Academic Needs to Know


Lowenthal, P. R., & Dunlap, J. C. (2012, July/August). Intentional web presence: 10 SEO strategies every academic needs to know. EDUCAUSE Review Online.


  • Academics wishing to be seen as thought leaders in their discipline need to be intentional about how, when, and what shows up when someone uses a search engine like Google to search on their name or area(s) of research.
  • If Google cannot find a faculty scholar’s work or the work of the scholar’s colleagues, department, or institution, then it is essentially irrelevant — even nonexistent — because people will not find, read, apply, or build on the work if they cannot locate it via a quick Google search.
  • Building a web presence is more than simply having a website and can make the difference in an academic’s visibility to the desired audience and opportunities for new projects and collaborations.

Keywords: web presence, search engine optimization, SEO, social presence, search engine ranking

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