Situational qualities exhibited by exceptional presenters


Dunlap, J. C., & Lowenthal, P. R. (2011). Situational qualities exhibited by exceptional presenters. ECAR Research Bulletin. EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research.


Bad presentations are common place. A great deal has been written about “bad” presentations. But rather than focus on what is wrong with bad presentations or, we are interested in what makes an exceptional presentation. In addition to teaching, we support faculty day-to-day. While “lecturing” with PowerPoint is often looked down upon, we find ourselves regularly working with faculty who need tips on how to improve their presentation skills—whether to improve how they lecture, to land that new job, to help secure funding for a new project, or to coherently describe the results of their research at an upcoming conference. Therefore, we set forth to identify common strategies—both in terms of presentation design and platform speaking—that exceptional presenters use.

Keywords: Presentations, Exceptional Presenters, PowerPoint

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