The CU Online handbook. Teach differently: Create and collaborate

Lowenthal, P. R., Thomas, D., Thai, A., & Yuhnke, B. (Eds.). (2009). The CU Online handbook. Teach differently: Create and collaborate. Raleigh, NC: Lulu Enterprises.

Keywords: Faculty development, teaching online, online learning, course design, media,

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by Patrick R. Lowenthal

Trends and Issues with Online Learning

  1. From Reluctant and Reticent to Engaged and Enthusiastic: The Passage to Online Teaching
    Susan Giullian 
  2. Preparing Special Education Teachers Through Online Instruction
    Donna Sobel
  3. Using eCollege to Facilitate Learning, Provide for Program Coherence, Manage Accountability Innovations, and Ensure the Evolution of a Principal Licensure Program
    Connie Fulmer 
  4. Make, Share, Find: Web 2.0 and Informal Learning
    Phil Antonelli

Technology in Action

  1. The Advantages of a Ning Social Network Within a Higher Education Program
    Laura Summers 
  2. Fresh and Forward-thinking: Using Blogs for Educational Purposes
    Joanna C. Dunlap & Ellen Stevens 
  3. Hanging on by a Thread
    Dorothy F. Garrison-Wade 
  4. Instructional Uses of Twitter
    Joanna C. Dunlap & Patrick R. Lowenthal 
  5. Using Audio for Giving Feedback to Project Teams: A Useful Complement to Track Changes
    Brent G. Wilson
  6. Wordle… Just for Phluff?
    Joanna C. Dunlap
  7. A Teaching Video Project Brought to Closure
    Farah A. Ibrahim 
  8. Improving the Design of PowerPoint Presentations
    Patrick R. Lowenthal

Emerging Tools and Applications

Audacity Ning 
Blogger PBworks Picnik
Delicious ScreenSteps Desktop 
Facebook Songza 
Flickr SkyDrive
Google Docs Skype
Google Reader Twitter
iSpring Ustream 
Jing VoiceThread 
Media Converter Youtube 
MyPodcast  Zotero