Create a Personal Website with Google Sites in Minutes

Joni Dunlap and I recently wrote an article about the importance for academics in general–but especially faculty–to develop and maintain their web presence.

The article is titled:Intentional Web Presence: 10 SEO Strategies Every Academic Needs to Know

As a part of that article, I created the following screencasts on how to create a personal website using Google Sites.

Create a Personal Website with Google Sites in Minutes

Adding a Pesonal Domain Name to a Google Sites

Adding Google Analytics to a Google Site

3 thoughts on “Create a Personal Website with Google Sites in Minutes

  1. Mike Pascoe

    Excellent series of videos Patrick! This topic is very near and dear to my heart and I have benefited greatly from my own personal website I have had running since 2005.

    I am actually testing out a different platform, WordPress. I wasn’t pleased with the aesthetics of Google Sites and found WordPress to be much better looking. My wife and I are working on her professional website here –

    We will soon reserve a custom domain and go from there.

    Do you like WordPress?

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Mike! Google Sites is very basic (though that is of course why it’s so great for many people). You can use a graphics program and some html/css to make some changes (e.g., but overall the templates are very basic. I recommend Google Sites for academics who have never had their own personal website. It is quick and easy for them to use. However, over time many will find they need more. I have used WordPress for the past five or so years. I like the ability to add blog posts, pages, and all the widgets / plugins…. There are things that annoy me about WordPress but overall I am satisfied!


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