Journal of Applied Instructional Design Special issue: Advancing pedagogical and instructional design through Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education and Training Contexts

The rapid and continuous development of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) holds the power to transform and shift the traditional paradigm of teaching, learning, and training. It has shown great potential to aid in the instructional design process for personalized learning experiences. Yet, there have also been criticisms and concerns about integrating GenAI in the design, teaching, or learning processes.

We invite designers and researchers to contribute to this special issue by presenting their instructional design cases and research that utilizes GenAI in either education or training settings. Our goal is to foster conversations exploring the affordances, impacts, challenges, methodologies, and critical perspectives on incorporating GenAI technologies into various aspects of instructional/training design, including analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of instructional or training interventions.

Ultimately, this endeavor aims to optimize GenAI implementations and enhance the efficacy of teaching, training, and learning practices in GenAI-supported learning environments. Specifically, we are looking for two major streams of designs or research, including (1) the application of GenAI to innovate and advance instructional design and its process and (2) the integration of GenAI, Large Language Models, or Automation for pedagogical or training innovations.

The following topics are presented for consideration; however, they do not represent an exhaustive list:

  1. Applied instructional design cases delineating the use of GenAI in the ideation or creation of design materials (e.g., learner personas, storyboarding)
  2. Development and validation of evaluation metrics for GenAI-generated content and design
  3. Design and development of GenAI-supported instructional activities embedded in learning or training (e.g., scenario-based learning, collaborative learning, personalized learning)
  4. Design cases or case studies on the affordances and benefits, challenges and obstacles, as well as ethical considerations of using GenAI in various settings
  5. Empirical studies investigating the impacts of the GenAI design interventions on learning outcomes or training and development
  6. Theoretical and conceptual frameworks focused on design methodologies for using GenAI in applied settings
  7. Critical views of GenAI in applied instructional design
  8. Other topics appropriate to GenAI, instructional design, teaching and learning, and training and development

Submission Timeline and Methods:

Article proposal within 1,000 words (excluding references) due July 22, 2024. Submit your proposal to If you have difficulty accessing this form, please email your proposal to Dr. Mohan Yang at and CC all guest editors. Subject line: “JAID AI proposal_last name.”

Invitations for a full manuscript will be sent to the authors by August 16, 2024

Full manuscript due December 30, 2024. Instructions to submit your full manuscript will be shared along with the article invitation

Feedback returned to authors by March 1, 2025
Revised articles due April 1, 2025
Feedback returned to authors by May 1, 2025
Revised articles due May 15, 2025
Final decisions by Jun 1, 2025
Publication in July/August, 2025