Using Twitter and other Social Networking Tools in the Classroom

Joni Dunlap and I presented about our instructional uses of Twitter in the classroom at EDUCAUSE 2009. Our PowerPoint slides from that session can be viewed online.

These slides alone however don't capture the story we told at our presentation. Luckily, after doing some networking, I got an opportunity to talk to the editor of EDUCAUSE Quarterly (EQ) who mentioned that she was looking for an article for the next issue of EQ focused on Twitter. That was all the motivation Joni and I needed. We ended up writing Horton Hears a Tweet and it was published in the December of 2009 in EQ. If you get a chance, give it a read. We focus on the reasons why someone might use social networking in general and about our personal experience using Twitter. Give a read or even better, give it a tweet.

Dunlap, J. C., & Lowenthal, P. R. (2009). Horton hears a tweet. EDUCAUSE Quarterly, 32(4).

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