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TOP 10 ARTICLES OF 2011 (Based on Reader Response)  

App Fusion: Learning Face-Off with Facebook, by Terrence Wing

Make the Complex Understandable: Show, Don’t Tell, by Patti Shank

Writing Multiple-choice Questions for Higher-level Thinking, by Mike Dickinson

How Much Narration in eLearning? by Don Bair & Mike Dickinson

Nuts and Bolts: The 10-Minute ID Degree, by Jane Bozarth

Ten Tips for Designing Mobile Content, by Gerry Griffin

Explore A New Learning Frontier: MOOCs, by Inge de Waard

Online Education for Instructional Designers, by Lorna Collier

Seven Top Authoring Tools, by Joe Ganci

HTML5: Opportunities for Mobile Devices, by Yael Even-Levy

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