questboise 2014: Quest-based Learning Virtual Unconference Videos

Class as a Fully Realized Online RPG
Faculty of Boise State University have converted a class to a fully game-based approach that leverages role-play characteristics, MMORPG leveling and skill building, and an immersive game-based design. This session will outline the theory, pedagogy, and application of this course built in the virtual world. It will be presented in the form of a graphic novel using machima to tell the story. It shows the unlikely but natural intersection of learning, games, and digital culture.
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Gamifying Political Science: Experiences from Teaching Socials Science in Higher Ed
In this session, Mikael shares experiences from his transformation of political science courses to 3D GameLab, including:

  • The effects of quest-based learning for learning outcomes and relations with the students
  • The changed role for both instructor and teaching assistants
  • How gamification allowed for more effective teaching tools, with educational live-action role-plays as the most potent example.
  • The implications for social science teaching on the post-secondary level, with particular attention to norm based grading vs. a mastery based assessment.

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The Persuasion Games
Lee will introduce designing classes as games that persuade students to want to learn—not by using commercial products or educational games—but by applying game design principles and narrative techniques to standard curriculums and learning outcomes. He will then help you with the hard part: honing your sales pitch to parents, school boards and state standards committees.
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