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Creating Apps for Mobile Devices

Creating Apps for Mobile Devices

On IT Forum someone asked about simple ways to create apps for mobile devices. Here is a list of what members recommended:

  • Bright cove
  • mLearning Studio from RapidIntake
    “very simple–no programming involved, and creates Web Apps, meaning they run on iOS and Android”
  • Gamesalad
    “great for interactive not data driven app/game creation – Mac only”

  • The Learning Mag
    “Super easy, price is right… the app then works online/android/ios…”
  • LiveCode from Runtime Revolution
    “In the case of iOS (the iPhone, iPad and iPod) you still must do the final step of using Apple’s software to publish the final app. But LiveCode is a thousand times easier than C++.”
  • Corona SDK
    “The dev. community around it is very active (and growing faster than Livecode’s, which is why I went with it instead)” and “Great API…I use XCode for my IDE.

Which one’s aren’t listed above???