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Examples of instructional / educational websites

I have worked with some amazing people over the years. One of them is Lisa O’Reilly. Below are some examples of the work she has done which are great examples of instructional websites and specifically self-paced training.

You can check out her work at: http://www.oreillylearningdesign.com/projects.htm

Below are two examples of her work.

Learning Contracts
Colorado Patient Navigator Training Program


Assessment & Instructional Alignment
Screen Shot of Assessment and Instructional Alignment


Sample Educational Website Layouts

Educational websites and informational websites created by educators tend to have a similar layout / structure. The following images illustrates some of the most common layouts for educational websites.

[Note: Educational websites created with tools like Adobe Captivate, Articulate, and Adobe Presenter tend to have a combination layout with the navigation at the bottom of the screen.]

Sample Layouts for Educational Websites