Instructional Designers in Higher Education Survey by OLC

Help us find the answers by taking the survey before Friday, March 4th, 2016. Please also share the link ( with other instructional designers that you know.

We’ve heard that as digital tools evolve and become more prominent in higher education, instructional designers, learning designers, instructional technologists, and folks with a dozen other related titles are assuming a more and more integral part of the learning process. But who are these mysterious designers of instruction, and what do they do?

  • What is the typical background and training of instructional designers in Higher Ed?
  • What are their biggest barriers, and what skills are most important for success?
  • What tools do they use and what does their workflow look like?
  • How are instructional designers distributed across institutions, and how do their teams operate?
  • All respondents will receive a free copy of the white paper published with the findings of this study. Thank you in advance for providing input!

Best regards,
Daniel Paly, Senior Producer
Michael Diederich, Research Director
Ilona Chebotareva, Producer