Call for Chapters – Online Learning: Common Misconceptions, Benefits, and Challenges

Call for Chapters
Online Learning: Common Misconceptions, Benefits, and Challenges

Editors: Patrick Lowenthal, Cindy York, and Jennifer Richardson
Publisher: Nova Science Publishers

The deadline for abstracts outlining what you want to contribute is May 5, 2013 and for the completed chapter is July 1, 2013.

Possible areas to be addressed include but are not limited to the following:
• Academic honesty and online learning
• Lurking and student engagement
• Benefits of MOOCs
• The future of MOOCs
• Limitations of MOOCs
• Online learning and class size
• Informal Learning
• Moving beyond learning styles
• Challenges of K12 online learning
• Critical thinking and online learning
• Challenges communicating in online learning environments
• Benefits of synchronous communication
• Limitations of asynchronous threaded discussions
• Assessing asynchronous threaded discussions
• Learning analytics and student performance
• Evaluating online learning
• Mobile computing and online learning
• The role of the teacher
• Instructor workload teaching online
• Assessing student learning
• Online Professional development
• Attrition and online learning
• The future of online learning
• Open educational resources
• Personal learning networks
• Social media and online learning
• Constraints of learning management systems

For consideration to be included in this edited book, please send a 250 – 500 word abstract and a brief bio to

Send any questions to Patrick Lowenthal (

Notes from the editors: The contributions for this edited book are intended to range from 3,000 – 5,000 words. This is not a peer-reviewed book. Even if your abstract is accepted, there are no guarantees that your final chapter will be accepted. Finally, please be aware of the aggressive timeline for both the abstract and the final chapter.

Here is a PDF version of the Call for Chapters

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