International HETL Review (IHR) is now accepting articles for 2014

IHR is now accepting articles for 2014. You may submit your article at

The International HETL Review (IHR) is an international, interdisciplinary academic journal. The 2014 theme is Teaching and Learning in University 2.0. Sample topic areas include, but not limited to:

– using cutting-edge technologies and other digital media to engage learners. Examples: virtual worlds, simulations, gaming, blended learning, social media technology, mobile learning,

– internationalization in teaching and learning. Examples: multicultural learning, global learning, global citizenry, global literacy.

– instructional design and learning outcomes. Examples: instructional strategies. assessment of teaching and learning, syllabus/course design, curriculum design, program design.

– faculty and professional development. Examples: learning communities, centers for teaching and learning, higher education reform, institutional policy-making challenges and opportunities.

– meaningful and authentic learning. Examples: service learning, experiential learning, problem-based learning, integrative learning, transformative learning.

Submission guidelines can be found at

Previously published issues and articles can be found at

You may submit your article at

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