AECT webinar: “Learning Analytics – Potential and Principles” by Ryan Baker

AECT webinar: “Learning Analytics – Potential and Principles” by Ryan Baker (

Increasingly, students’ educational experiences occur in the context of educational technology, creating opportunities to log student behavior in a fashion that is both longitudinal and very fine-grained. These data are now available to the broad education research community through large public data repositories such as the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center (cf. Koedinger et al, 2008).

In this talk, I will discuss how the emerging Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining communities are combining these data sources with data mining methods in order to scalably use this data to make basic discoveries about learners and learning. In this talk, I will both discuss learning analytics methods in general, and some of their key applications in studying and supporting learners.

A recording from the webinar can be viewed here: (note: you must signup to access it)

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