Checkout “Vlogging about school on YouTube: An exploratory study” by Chareen Snelson

A colleague just published some research on Vlogging. The following came from an UPDATE post:

“Chareen Snelson has published an article titled “Vlogging about school on YouTube: An exploratory study” in the March issue of New Media and Society. Vlogs, or video blogs, can be thought of as a form of video commentary, which often involve everyday people recording their thoughts about whatever they wish to talk about and share with others online. Vlogs are common on YouTube.

The study involved a newer research method called online ethnography, which builds on more traditional forms of ethnography for the study of online cultures. Public YouTube videos served as the primary data set.

The most prominent group of vloggers were teens with many of them recording in classrooms or their homes to talk about their school day, experiences with teachers and their interests. Nursing students were the second prominent group, and teachers and student teachers were the smallest group in the sample of YouTube vlogs.”