Call for Papers: History of Educational Technology

IET, and now is largely seen as synonymous with internet based technology. It remains however a field that does not systematically record or analyse its own history. In order to better appreciate new developments, and link these into a deeper historical context, JIME seeks to gather a collection of papers to contribute to the understanding of educational technology as a field with its own story. Papers might choose explore the following themes:

  • – Emergent themes in educational technology
  • – Historical accounts of the application of specific technology
  • – Critical perspectives on the application of technology in education
  • Explorations of ‘forgotten’ technology or approaches
  • Applications of educational technology in specific regions

Submissions to JIME should have a clear educational focus or application, and should go beyond anecdotes or opinion. We encourage historical analysis, rich case studies, and innovative analytic methods applied to literature, interviews and data. Submissions are expected to advance knowledge in the field of open education conceptually and/or empirically. Contributors should take account of JIME’s guidelines for submissions.

Deadline for submissions is January 15th 2020, with an intention to publish by June 2020. Please indicate that your paper is to be considered for the Special Collection when submitting.

For more information: