Call for Chapter Proposals– Privacy and Remote Learning

Working book title: Privacy and Safety in Remote Learning Environments  

Proposal submission deadline: January 21, 2022 

Interdisciplinary perspectives are highly encouraged 

Topics may include but are not limited to: 

  • Privacy policies of 3rd party EdTech platforms (Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Schoology, etc) 
  • Parental “spying” and classroom privacy 
  • Family privacy and synchronous online schooling 
  • Online harassment among students (private chats, doxing, social media, etc) 
  • Cameras in student private spaces  
  • Surveillance of student online activities 
  • Exam proctoring software and privacy concerns  
  • Personally Identifiable Information in online learning systems and susceptibility to cybercriminals  
  • Privacy, storage, and deletion policies for recordings and data 
  • Handling data removal requests from students  
  • Appointing a privacy expert in schools, universities, or districts 
  • How and why to perform security/privacy audits 
  • Student attitudes about online privacy 
  • Instructor privacy/safety concerns 
  • Libraries: privacy policies of ebook platforms 
  • Libraries: online reference services and transcripts 
  • Identity authentication best practices 
  • Learning analytics and “big data” in higher education  

More details, timelines, and submission instructions are available at